is there for consumers needing to do a short sale Columbus, Ohio

Need to short sell your home?

What is a short sale? A short sale happens when the value of a home is less than what is owned. This may be due to many causes, but frequently is a result of a rapidly declining real estate market.

Short sales may be a way for homeowners to prevent foreclosure and get out from under their loan with the lender by settling.

How do I proceed with a short sale?

First, find out the true market value of your property. A qualified real estate professional, like those at, will be able to give you a realistic idea of what your home should probably sell for based on a market analysis. Beware of websites where a computer estimates your property's market value since they may not have complete information or know important things like neighborhood trends and current listings.

If you have any concerns regarding real estate or what happens during a short sale in Columbus, Ohio just contact me here or e-mail me.

Next, find out your closing costs. The knowledgeable agents at will account for fees like title report, appraisal, escrow, property taxes, and agent commissions to estimate your final costs at closing.

Finally, call your lender and let them know of the situation. They may even have a special team that manages short sales. Ask about their specific procedures. Some lenders will be more willing to work with you than others. They may be able to decrease your loan principal or make other arrangements. Your lender will have to give approval for the final sale.