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Perspective vs Perception

Perspective is a fundamental aspect of human experience, profoundly shaping our perceptions, beliefs, and interactions with the world. It acts as a personal lens, formed by our unique experiences,

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Do you remember hearing the “Clean Up” song as a young child?

Do you remember hearing the “Clean Up” song as a young child? Maybe you’ve recently played it for some little ones? The song is meant as a sweet call to action for young

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Transformation and Migration and Progression | Late Summer

Late summer is the perfect time to touch upon a universal theme that echoes across every facet of life on Earth—transformation and migration. Whether it’s within our lives or in the

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​The Artistic Tapestry of Columbus

Columbus​ is ​a city that pulsates with creative energy, showcasing a vibrant and thriving art scene. From the much-anticipated Columbus Arts Festival to the captivating public art installations

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